Dear January:

Dear January: It's not that we don't like you. Or appreciate you. You're a fresh start. A clean slate. You're ahead of eleven other months. Perched on the cusp a brand new year brimming with promise and potential. In many places you're filled with snow. Sledding and skiing and shushing down snow-covered slopes. Bright, crisp … Continue reading Dear January:

Take a Bite Out of Midlife With These “I Love Lucy”-Inspired Recipes

When I was a kid, I rarely missed school due to illness. In fact, I think I can number on one hand the times I missed elementary school cuz I was sick. But on the rare occasions when I got to stay home, I could always count on one thing: Laying on my death bed … Continue reading Take a Bite Out of Midlife With These “I Love Lucy”-Inspired Recipes

My ‘Word’ for 2019? (sort of)

There’s this thing floating around social media lately. What’s your “word” for 2019? Realizing that there are a bazillion words in the English language, I’m kind of like, “a” word for this year? As in, “one”? You’re kidding, right? But nope. It’s a thing. It’s the practice of adopting one word for the year. One … Continue reading My ‘Word’ for 2019? (sort of)

What Does “Years Old” Mean, Anyway?

Back when I was young and foolish – like last week – “50 years old” sounded positively Methuselahian. Over the hill. Older than dirt. "Fifty years old" sounds dinosaur-ish to a 25 year-old. Or even a 30 year-old. Or …. Well. You get my drift. Now that I’m closing on my 60th birthday, however, “50 … Continue reading What Does “Years Old” Mean, Anyway?

‘What About Bob?’ (Leaving on a Jet Plane, Part 4)

Maybe because we share the same warped sense of humor, The Kid and I usually like the same movies. Especially if the movie also has a warped sense of humor. This is from one of our movie favorites. We trot it out whenever we get near water. In this case, he's off the Yucatan Peninsula: … Continue reading ‘What About Bob?’ (Leaving on a Jet Plane, Part 4)