How FREE Are You?

When’s the last time someone ripped you off? Acted like a jerk? Treated you like dirt? Have you been betrayed or cheated by someone you trusted? A Bermuda Triangle I had “all of the above” happen to me recently. Call it a Bermuda Triangle of Collective Flaky-it-is: Someone I trusted dropped the ball on me*. … Continue reading How FREE Are You?

Can You ‘Imagine’?

It’s inevitable. Once you’ve wracked up five decades or so on the ‘ole age-o-meter, you're bound to hit a few brick walls along the way. Disappointments. Set backs. Hurts. Wounds. Struggles. Pain. One of the things I like to do with this blog is tell you about stuff I’m really excited about. Like, jumping up … Continue reading Can You ‘Imagine’?