THE FAMILY CIRCUS: Rookies, Robbers & Commandments

You can always tell a camping rookie. Especially if they’re camping at Mount Rainier National Park. Camping rookies  assume that weather in one part of the park is standard throughout. Not! It may 75 degrees at Ohanapecosh, where blue puffs of benign breezes muss hemlock hair. But Ohana’s elevation is 1,870 feet--significantly lower than most … Continue reading THE FAMILY CIRCUS: Rookies, Robbers & Commandments



Stretching after a restful night on the cold, cruel ground, I open my eyes to a find ourselves surrounded by a campsite featuring chrome-and-dome invaders with names like Nomad, Tioga, Springdale, Prowler and the greatest affront to authentic camperhood known to man: Winnebagos.  Ugh. Adding insult to injury, it seems the campground is crammed to … Continue reading THE FAMILY CIRCUS: ‘Nu-Wa’?


For background, see: The Joys of Tent Camping & Wenzelisms. (March 20)   Now. As I was saying, the first order of business upon arrival at any campground is attempting to erect said “weather armor polyester and mesh” colossus into a semi-habitable overnight abode.  The second order of business is to avoid confusing “Wenzel” with … Continue reading THE FAMILY CIRCUS: Sneaky Weasels

THE FAMILY CIRCUS: The Joys of Camping (sort of): Wenzelisms

Welcome to the first post in our brand category, The Family Circus. Hold on to your hats. Don't forget to pack your sense of humor. Let's go! What are Wenzelisms? Well. Put those dictionaries away and pay attention.  You’ll never find the above in a dictionary.  That’s because “Wenzelism” not a real word.  At least … Continue reading THE FAMILY CIRCUS: The Joys of Camping (sort of): Wenzelisms

A Face Lift & ‘The Five’

Zuzu’s Petals is about to get a face-lift. The new look will fall somewhere between Pantsing and Planning. Like this: There are two basic types of writers or bloggers: 1) Pantsers and 2) Planners. Pantsing or Planning? Per WritMo: “Pantsing” (also known as winging it) is the term Wrimos use refer to writing without a … Continue reading A Face Lift & ‘The Five’