Why I Quit Instagram ‘Follow Loops’

If you’ve been on Instagram for any length of time – say, 20 minutes or so – you’ve probably seen various “follow loops” come down the pike. Instagram (IG) follow loops are supposedly a growth strategy which bloggers and businesses have come up with to beat the Instagram algorithm and gain new followers. The host(s) … Continue reading Why I Quit Instagram ‘Follow Loops’


12 Top Takeaways From My First Year of Instagram-ing

I returned from an annual check-up a year ago today. I was five pounds lighter than last year. My blood pressure was also down five points. I was feeling pretty good. So good, in fact, that I decided to throw caution to the hurricane and open an Instagram account, Thymelesswon. (For more on how my … Continue reading 12 Top Takeaways From My First Year of Instagram-ing

Top 10 Blogs for Midlife Women

If you’re a woman over 50, then you’ve got it goin’ on. As in, if it’s one thing you don’t have, it’s a lot of time. That’s why I’m kicking off the new year with my list of Top 10 Blogs for Midlife Women. Each site offers quick but interesting information, ideas, encouragement, inspiration, and … Continue reading Top 10 Blogs for Midlife Women