The Cost

Before you break out the barbecue or grab your baseball glove this Memorial Day, take a moment to consider what’s behind this “most solemn of American holidays” – and the cost. Like: A lot of people confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. They are not the same. While those who died are also remembered, … Continue reading The Cost

Holding Hands: What I’ve Learned in 36 Years of Marriage

Snuggle Bunny and I celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Where did the time go? More importantly, in an era when a double nano-second constitutes a “long-term relationship,” how did we make it thirty-six years (and still going strong)? First off, we’re waaay too young to be that old. Second, it hasn’t always been easy. … Continue reading Holding Hands: What I’ve Learned in 36 Years of Marriage

Rumor Has It…

Dear Spring: Rumor has it that you skipped onto the calendar yesterday. I don't mean to be nit-picky or anything, but um, where? I mean, snow in March? Seriously? We need to talk. In case you forgot to bring your seasonal attire, here's a quick refresher for you: Get the picture? Good. Not that … Continue reading Rumor Has It…

In the ‘Wee, Small Hours…’

I’m baaaack. And Tibet was pretty nice. Now let’s see. Where was I? Oh yeah. Getting in The Zone and blogging inspiration. It’s the wee hours. I should’ve been in bed like, 100 years ago. But remember what I said earlier about getting in The Zone? Who cares what time it is when you’re in … Continue reading In the ‘Wee, Small Hours…’

Getting in ‘The Zone’

In the last post we talked about finding a blogging voice and saying something unique. It’s tougher than it sounds. Style is another challenging element of blogging. (Especially like people like me who major in “warped sense of humor.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) I like to write numerous posts all at once, when … Continue reading Getting in ‘The Zone’

A Journey With John-Boy

When it comes to a blogging voice, some people recommend writing Your Story. Great advice. If you have a Story. Preferably a really, really compelling one involving some sort of major life drama. And that’s kind of a problem. Because I don’t really have any major life drama. No battles with a deadly disease or … Continue reading A Journey With John-Boy