BOOK NOOK: The Grimm Legacy

The Grimm Legacy #1 by Polly Shulman This book is just fun. Full of all sorts or unexpected twists and turns. Elizabeth’s after-school job leads to a world of excitement, romance, and magical intrigue. She works at library that lends objects, not books, and includes a secret room called the Grimm Collection. You do not … Continue reading BOOK NOOK: The Grimm Legacy


THE FAMILY CIRCUS: Camp Cookery & Other Oxy-Morons

It seems my latest attempt at Coleman camp stove cookery earned the usual thunderous applause and rave reviews from the adoring masses. Noses wrinkled like raisins, the clan reacts to my latest camp concoction with predictable glee: “Yuck.  What IS this stuff?  What’re you trying to do, Mom, poison us?” “That’s Lowder campfire stew” I … Continue reading THE FAMILY CIRCUS: Camp Cookery & Other Oxy-Morons

SHORT CUTS: Saving You Time & Moola in the Kitchen

Welcome to Short Cuts, where we feature tips and hints to save you time and moola in the kitchen and elsewhere. Today's post is about saving time and $ on veggie prep while boosting flavor and nutrition: Never soak vegetables after slicing. They will lost much of their nutritional value. A lump of sugar added … Continue reading SHORT CUTS: Saving You Time & Moola in the Kitchen

BOOK NOOK: An Eagle in the Snow

An Eagle in the Snow by Michael Morpurgo I've been waiting for Michael Morpurgo's next work since I finished "War Horse." His latest, "An Eagle in the Snow," doesn't disappoint. In a dark mountain tunnel outside London (1940), a train waits out an attack from a German Messerschmidt 109. One car is occupied by a … Continue reading BOOK NOOK: An Eagle in the Snow

UNWIND: Celebrating Great Outdoors Month!

Woo-hoo! It’s June and it’s GREAT OUTDOORS MONTH! Are you as excited as I am? Here are 15 easy ways to celebrate Great Outdoors Month in the Pacific Northwest! Visit Mount Rainier National Park. Don’t make me explain this. Hike to Comet Falls. Spray Falls. Silver Falls. Myrtle, Narada, Ranger, or Chenius Falls. Carter, Madcap, … Continue reading UNWIND: Celebrating Great Outdoors Month!

What Do You Think?

It's been about three months-ish since I launched five new post categories with specific content in each. In order to make Zuzu's Petals more user-friendly and engaging, I'm asking for your feedback on these categories and content. The five categories are: Unwind. About getting away and slowing down. Relaxing. Recharging the ‘ole batteries and unwinding. … Continue reading What Do You Think?

The Cost

Before you break out the barbecue or grab your baseball glove this Memorial Day, take a moment to consider what’s behind this “most solemn of American holidays” – and the cost. Like: A lot of people confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. They are not the same. While those who died are also remembered, … Continue reading The Cost

THE FAMILY CIRCUS: Rookies, Robbers & Commandments

You can always tell a camping rookie. Especially if they’re camping at Mount Rainier National Park. Camping rookies  assume that weather in one part of the park is standard throughout. Not! It may 75 degrees at Ohanapecosh, where blue puffs of benign breezes muss hemlock hair. But Ohana’s elevation is 1,870 feet--significantly lower than most … Continue reading THE FAMILY CIRCUS: Rookies, Robbers & Commandments

BOOK NOOK: The Lost Letter

The Lost Letter by Jillian Cantor   The Lost Letter is a remarkable historical novel rimming with mystery, grit, and grace. Based on the work of the Austrian resistance to Nazi invaders via postage stamps (stamps!), "The Lost Letter" skillfully bridges two continents and 50 years. It spans 1938/39 Austria and 1989+ Southern California and … Continue reading BOOK NOOK: The Lost Letter

Grandma Alice’s Old Fashioned Meat Loaf

When it comes to "comfort food," my maternal grandma, Alice, was in complete command. One of her best was an old-fashioned meat loaf. Here it is: Grandma Alice's Old Fashioned Meat Loaf: Ingredients: 1/2 lb. beef 2T. flour 1/2 lb. veal 1/4 tsp. sage 1/2 lb pork 3/4 tsp. pepper 2 C bread crumbs 1 … Continue reading Grandma Alice’s Old Fashioned Meat Loaf