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Zuzu’s Petals is a little different from your average “50 plus” or “midlife” blog. You won’t find any make-up tips, fashion trends, or workout routines here. I’m not selling anything.

Here, the focus is on the internals. Faith. Love. Peace. Joy. Feeling comfortable in your own skin as it and you grow older. Aging gracefully. Shared adventures. Book nooks. Favorite places to unwind and recharge. A little good old-fashioned levity in The Family Circus. Some tried-and-true recipes from my mom’s kitchen.

Zuzu’s Petals focuses on true life stories embracing midlife. Celebrating and enjoying this unique time in a woman’s life with the kind of effervescence emanated by George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. Like:

I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I have more questions than answers. You probably know plenty that I don’t. So let’s support each other in this journey so we’re not just surviving midlife, but thriving and blooming.

Who’s in?