Why ‘At The Mountain’s Edge’ is a Cliff-Hanger!

At The Mountain’s Edge

By Genevieve Graham

This book was so much fun! A fast-paced, engrossing story full of wild outdoor adventure and snow. Lots and lots of snow.

I grabbed this off the library counter as I was checking out. Read it cover to cover in a day and a half.

At The Mountain’s Edge unfolds amid the frozen reaches of the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. It’s a gripping tale of adventure, devotion, tenacity, friendship, and overcoming overwhelming odds in the face of immense adversity, both physical and mental.

Graham’s story is peopled with sturdy, three-dimensional characters like Liza Peterson, her storekeeper parents and brother Stan, the lovable fur ball Blue (aka: Keitl), and Constable Ben Turner of the North-West Mounted Police. It’s also about an unlikely love story and second chances.

Briskly paced and engaging, bright swathes of Canadian history are skillfully woven into and between events and characters, like the Golden Staircase and the hardships of the Chilkoot Trail, the rip-roarin’ gold rush boom town of Dawson City, the Frank Slide, and Turtle Mountain.

At The Mountain’s Edge is an immensely enjoyable read about two people who must let go of the past and warm their hearts to not only to be together, but to survive in one of the most desolate regions of the world.

Two thumbs up!

What’s the best book you read this summer?


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