SHORT CUTS: Saving You Time & Moola in the Kitchen

Welcome to Short Cuts, where we feature tips and hints to save you time and moola in the kitchen and elsewhere.

Wikimedia Commons

Today’s post is about saving time and $ on veggie prep while boosting flavor and nutrition:

  • Never soak vegetables after slicing. They will lost much of their nutritional value.
  • A lump of sugar added to water when cooking greens helps vegetables retain their fresh color.
  • Save $ by pouring leftover vegetables and the water in which they are cooked into a freezer container. When full, add tomato juice and seasoning to create a “free” soup.
  • Three large stalks of celery, chopped and added to about two cups of beans (navy, brown, pinto, etc.0 will make them easier to digest.
  • When cooking veggies that grow above ground, the rule of thumb is to boil them without a cover.


  • Instant potatoes are a good stew thickener. They’re also cheap!
  • Fresh vegetable require little seasoning or cooking. if the veggie is old, dress it up with sauces or seasoning.
  • Hands smell after slicing onions? Try pouring a little fresh lemon juice over your hands to remove the onion scent.

What’s your vegetable? Do you like it uncooked and plain, or cooked and “dressed up”?




Sliced onions image credit: CC by 2.0

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