What Do You Think?

It’s been about three months-ish since I launched five new post categories with specific content in each. In order to make Zuzu’s Petals more user-friendly and engaging, I’m asking for your feedback on these categories and content. The five categories are:

  • Unwind. About getting away and slowing down. Relaxing. Recharging the ‘ole batteries and unwinding.
  • Grandma’s Kitchen. Recipes from my mom’s collection. She passed away in 1984.
  • Book Nook. Some seriously awesome reads and recommendations, both old and new.
  • The Family Circus. At light-hearted look at The joys of family camping (sort of) is our first series in this category.
  • Short Cuts. Helpful hints and tips to save you time and money in the kitchen and elsewhere.

It’s your turn to weigh in. What’s your favorite category? What kind of content do you like best? Least? What do you want to see more of? Less?

I’ve made it easy for you to weigh in with a quick poll. Just five options. It’ll only take a minute. Promise.

You may cast up to three votes. All votes are confidential. Comments are open. The poll closes in one week.

I’ll let you know what the top vote-getters are after that. Thanks for weighing in!


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