The Kids of 1959

“1959.” Does that year ring your bell? Are you celebrating the Big 6-0 this year?

I turn 60 in November. Snuggle Bunny turns 65 a few days later.

It’s kind of hard to believe. Feels a bit like we’re entering The Twilight Zone. Especially since my mom never made it this far down the road of life. She passed away in 1984. At age 54. (More on that in an upcoming Mother’s Day post. Stay tuned.)

How in the world did six decades zip by so fast? Weren’t we watching original episodes of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and “Bones” go where no one has gone before just last year? Ditto talking on rotary phones and watching that’s the way it is with Walter Cronkite? Do you remember these guys?

I mean, sheesh. We’ll soon be eligible for Social Security. And when did our high school chums start sprouting wrinkles, gray hair, and protruding paunches?

Where did the time go?? How did it get to be 2019 so fast? When did the police start hiring junior highers?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Seeing as how The Big 6-0 is a major milestone and all, I recently did two things:

1. Got a thorough physical, and

2. Made reservations. More on that in a min.

Got the numbers, lab results and all that jazz from my physical a couple days ago. All systems go. Dr. Amanda was a wee bit amazed that I’m not on medication. For anything.

I feel like I could probably shed a few pounds. (Don’t we all?) But Dr. Amanda says I’m at an “ideal” weight for my age and height. And no, I’m not coughing up the exact numbers. Cuz that’s none of your business, savvy?

Meanwhile again, apparently there are some definite pluses to being active and a lifelong hiker. Since 1959.

Tolmie Peak, Mount Rainier National Park

On item #2, Snugs and I plan to get away for a couple days to mark our 60+ milestones. We made reservations at this snug little beachfront cottage a few hours north. We plan to hike, weather permitting.

Now, with The Big 6-0 fast approaching, do I look back on my growing up years more often? Reminisce about “the good ole days” more and more? Sometimes. Frankly, some of the stuff I’m seeing and hearing these days was unthinkable 50 years ago. Or even ten or twenty.

Sometimes it feels like the whole world has gone nuts. Taken leave of its senses. I’m tempted to hightail it to the nearest Himalayan hideout and take up life as a hermit.

Then again, I wouldn’t go back to junior high for all the tea in China.

As for turning 60? I’m not only not slowing down and climbing into a rocker. In some ways I’m speeding up. So watch out world!!


How ’bout you?

Are you a kid from 1959? What are some of your fondest growing up memories? How are you celebrating your 60th?


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