Who’s Afraid of a Little Red Number?

Most of you who’ve been following this blog know that I turn 60 years bold this year. Natch, I’m waaaay too young to be that old. I mean, my Grandma was 60 years old.

I’m still trying to figure out how our youngest got to be 20 so fast! Weren’t we bringing that kid home from the hospital just the week before last?

Anyway, a couple months back I snagged a sweet little red number at the Goodwill for $12. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with said little red number. But a good deal is a deal. Right?

Then someone who shall remain nameless chimed in with, “I dare you to take pictures in that dress!”

Well. Who can resist that. So. Hello, 60!

“He’s outta there!”

Closing on 60, baby!

Still closing on 60, baby!

So. Who’s afraid of a sweet little red number? (Askin’ for a friend.)


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