Stretching after a restful night on the cold, cruel ground, I open my eyes to a find ourselves surrounded by a campsite featuring chrome-and-dome invaders with names like Nomad, Tioga, Springdale, Prowler and the greatest affront to authentic camperhood known to man: Winnebagos.  Ugh.

Adding insult to injury, it seems the campground is crammed to the gills with various sundry Winnebago Wannabees: camper shells, tent trailers, and saucy Sierras that are bigger than my house.  The fifth wheel that really galls me is the air-conditioned, fully equipped Komfort.

That’s right.  Rub it in.


En route to the lavatory the rest of us mere mortals must abide, I pass a chrome and dome monstrosity called a Hitchhiker Nu-Wa.  Nu-wa?  What kind of a word is that?  No self-respecting trailer manufacturer would be caught dead shouldering that moniker.  Nu-wa.  Sounds like a Chinese side dish. As in, “Can I have an order of nu-wa to go with that?”

But there’s a clue in this name.  Apparently travel gear manufactured by nu-wa can’t go anywhere under its own steam, hence the name, Hitchhiker.

I mean, what’s the point in a little wilderness adventure without some hardship and adversity thrown in for good measure?  Take away the carnivorous chipmunks, roasting flamethrowers, mosquitoes as big as Hueys and all you’ve got left is your garden variety sheer misery.

What’s not to love?

Up next in The Family Circus: Tent Campers of America, Unite!


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