Mix Up These Quick & Easy Mini-Pot Pies!

Mom was a great improvisor in the kitchen. She never let a tight budget or a lack of convenient ingredients slow her down. Her culinary creativity was endless. Like when a big dish of chicken pot pie was too much, she made mini-pot pies.

You can adjust the recipe to taste with whatever meat or veggies you have on hand.

 Mini Chicken Pot Pies


  • Campbell’s Creamy Herb & Garlic Soup
  • 2 packages Pillsbury Crescent Rolls – Seamless Dough Sheet
  • Frozen vegetables, thawed
  • 1 cup of chicken cut into small pieces. You can use pre-cooked chicken strips or even canned chicken.
  • 3-inch round cookie cutter
  • Cupcake pan


  • Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
  • Lay the crescent roll flat and cut out 12 rounds
  • Press them in the cupcake pan along the bottom and up the sides
  • In a bowl mix the soup, thawed vegetables and cut up chicken
  • Spoon the filling mix into the cups. Be careful not to overfill. It will bubble up while cooking
  • Using a pizza cutter or knife, cut strips of crescent dough to cover the top of the cups. I do 2 across each way so there are four strips total per cup.
  • Bake about 18 minutes – until top and sides are golden brown. If the top gets too brown, cover it with foil until the bottom is cooked.
  • Let cool and then use a knife to loosen and lift out of cups.
  • Enjoy!

What’s your favorite pot pie recipe?


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