THE FAMILY CIRCUS: The Joys of Camping (sort of): Wenzelisms

Welcome to the first post in our brand category, The Family Circus. Hold on to your hats. Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor. Let’s go!

What are Wenzelisms?

Well. Put those dictionaries away and pay attention.  You’ll never find the above in a dictionary.  That’s because “Wenzelism” not a real word.  At least it shouldn’t be.

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Flickr – Creative Commons CC0

You see, words are a sound or a combination of sounds, representations in writing or print that symbolize and (hopefully) communicate meaning.  They may consist of a single morpheme or a combination of morphemes.

First Names

I have no idea what that means, but of this I’m sure: As I said before, you’ll never find the word “Wenzel” in any dictionary.  I know.  I looked.  Speaking of looks, a Wenzel Starwood Three Family Pentadome Tent, with which we are on a first-name basis.


This affable fog-gray and day-glo orange ogre, lovingly dubbed “Gargantua” by all concerned, includes not one but two mud mats—be still my heart–sleeve and clip suspension frame system, clear view windows in fly, and six windows and mesh roof vents for excellent ventilation and easy roll-up. Impressed?  That’s just for starters.   Gargantua a la Wenzel also features four large Dutch “D” style doors for easy entry/exit and a shock corded fiberglass frame with pin and ring for easy set-up.

‘Himalayan Yak’

I still have no idea what any of this means—you might as well be speaking Himalayan Yak—but I notice something suspicious here.  How many times does the word “easy” appear in conjunction with “tent”?  Look back over the last paragraph.  Count how many times the word “easy” appears.  That’s alright.  I’ll wait.

It’s almost as if all tent manufacturers have colluded into some evil coalition to convince you and me, the hapless saps who purchase these mind-numbing, body torquing contraptions, as to their “ease” of use.  “Easy” entry/exit?  Puh-leeze.  “Easy” roll-up?  Get real.  My favorite Gargantua-ism, however, is “easy” set up.  It goes like…


To Be Continued….

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