A Face Lift & ‘The Five’

Zuzu’s Petals is about to get a face-lift. The new look will fall somewhere between Pantsing and Planning. Like this:

There are two basic types of writers or bloggers: 1) Pantsers and 2) Planners.

Pantsing or Planning?

Per WritMo:Pantsing” (also known as winging it) is the term Wrimos use refer to writing without a fixed outline (an outline that the writer will force themselves to follow).

Planners are methodical writers from start to finish. They outline and organize every detail of their work before diving in.

I typically deploy a hybrid approach to blogging. I call it Pantnning. It’s a little weird. Cuz I usually plan the stuffing out of everything else. Eons in advance. In triplicate. With all the Is dotted and all the Ts crossed. In triplicate.

Blogging doesn’t really take to the triplicate thing very well. But it’s not necessarily a great platform for pantsing, either.

That’s probably one reason I ran out of stuff to say last week. Well, that and I need to re-up my Ghirardelli’s stash. Nobody’s perfect.

A Couple News

Anyway, I popped over to a favorite writing resource, Writer’s Digest, and looked into blogging tips. Most of them I already knew. But I decided to try a couple I haven’t really put into practice lately. Like an editorial calendar. And the bane of pantsers everywhere: Outlines!

Does that make you want to jump up and run screaming from the room, too?

Give It a Whirl

Well. I’m going to give it a whirl. Frankly, I just don’t have time to do thing the Pantser thing anymore. I’m not necessarily going to dissect every single jot and tittle of every blog post for the next twelve months down to the molecular level. Kinda cramps my style, if you know what I mean. But I decided to bite the keyboard and dive a little deeper into planning.

Guess that makes me a Pantnner. New word I just made up.

The Five

So. Here’s the deal. I’ve decided to organize blog posts into five basic categories:

  • Unwind. These posts will be all about getting away and slowing down. Relaxing. Recharging the ‘ole batteries and unwinding. It may include restaurants, cultural events, hiking trails, lodging, or weekend getaways. It will only include places or events I know first-hand. You’re welcome.
  • Grandma’s Kitchen (recipes from my mom’s collection. She passed away in 1984.)
  • Book Nook. Some seriously awesome reads and recommendations, both old and new. From a lifelong bibliophile and library lover!
  • The Family Circus. The joys of family camping (sort of) is our first series in this category. Hold on to your hats and remember to pack your sense of humor!
  • Short Cuts. Helpful hints and tips to save you time and money in the kitchen and elsewhere.

You can find these posts on my side bar in Categories once they go live, or via link in my top nav bar.

First up next week: Grandma Peggy’s Kitchen.

Anything I missed? Just holler in Comments.

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