How to Say ‘I Love You’

Ladies, what does your “ideal” Valentine’s Day look like? A romantic candlelight dinner? A fine bouquet of roses and a box of Ghirardelli’s? A quiet walk on the beach at sunset (if you live some place warm)?

It’s easy to get our expectations up around February 14. Used to be, a card and a box of chocolates were fine. Now Valentine’s Day has to become a federal case or we feel gypped.

He’s expected to Go All Out in the Creative and Original Department. Or be a mind reader, whipping up some whiz-bang five-star romantic extravaganza worthy of an Academy Award, even though we haven’t bothered to offer any suggestions or say word one to him about our expectations or preferences.

He’s just supposed to know. By osmosis, apparently.  Or the Oracle of Delphi.

Image result for oracle of delphi

Oracle of Delphi

And woe to him who falleth short or cometh up half-baked. We’re disappointed. And he’s in the dog house.

That’s an awfully big burden to place on a guy for one day.

I’ve been around long enough to know that men and women express love very differently (that a whole ‘nother treatise for some other time. Not today, thank you).

So instead of pouting about what your fella didn’t do this Valentine’s Day, or whining about how he fell short of your expectations, how ‘bout remembering and celebrating all the ways he says “I Love You” the other 364 days of the year?

‘Triple Chocolate Meltdown.’ And they’re not kidding!

Does your husband:

  • Warm up the car for you so you don’t have to climb into an ice box?
  • Open the door so you can go first?
  • Help with the laundry or dishes?
  • Feed the dog?
  • Get up with the kids so you can sleep in?
  • Let you commandeer the remote now and then?
  • Keep the car gassed up take it in for oil changes?
  • Swing by the store to pick up that “oops, I forgot” item ?
  • Seat you first?
  • Fix the washer or the dryer?
  • Mow the lawn?
  • Walk on the outer side of the sidewalk, nearest the street?
  • Remember your favorite author or musical artist?

Snugs does all of the above. And more. Year round.

He’s a keeper.

This February 14, instead of expecting a whiz-bang Valentine Production rivaling Cecil B. DeMille or a trip up Mount Everest, why not remember the many simple ways he says “I Love you” every day? And say thank you.


What says “love” to you?




Oracle image credit: CC0 license


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