Can You ‘Imagine’?

It’s inevitable. Once you’ve wracked up five decades or so on the ‘ole age-o-meter, you’re bound to hit a few brick walls along the way.

Disappointments. Set backs. Hurts. Wounds. Struggles. Pain.

One of the things I like to do with this blog is tell you about stuff I’m really excited about. Like, jumping up and down excited!!! (If that’s not your cup of sunshine, fine. I’ll be updating my Christmas card list tomorrow. Can you move your foot?)

Anyway, one thing I’m really excited about is a movie Snuggle Bunny and I watched the other night. We’d seen it before in the theater when it was released in 2018.

We loved it!!

I Can Only Imagine is the inspiring and unknown true story behind MercyMe’s beloved, chart-topping song of the same title. Recounting song writer Bart Millard’s life story that resulted in the song, I Can Only Imagine is a poignant, powerful story of hope and forgiveness. It’s awesome!

Back at home, “I’d really, really like my own copy of I Can Only Imagine” was all I said. Good as gold, Snuggle Bunny ordered it on-line. It arrived in the mail a couple days later.

Well, yee-haw and praise-a-luia! Because this is such a powerful film. We loved it.  Twice! And I’m not through yet!

If you’ve wracked up some “brick walls” and bruises along those midlife miles, this is for you:

What can you imagine?



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