A Not-So ‘Super’ Sunday?

Being 50+ means you can sometimes get away with all kinds of stuff. As in, “Don’t worry about it, Jeanine. She’s a senior. Probably just forgot.” Or, “Okay. But did you see my birth year, officer? It’s right here on my license. I’ll show you just as soon as I find it.”

Another “50+ perk” is that I’m at an age where there’s a whole lotta stuff I just don’t care about anymore. Like, I hear there’s some big football game on today. Don’t know who’s playing. Don’t know where.

I mean, really. Twenty-two grown men chasing an inflated pig’s bladder (used to be) all over a cow pasture, committing legalized felonies in the process?

How dumb is that?

Anywho, here are 10 things I’d rather do today than watch the Super Bowl (in no particular order):

1. Read. Anything. Like, a book.

2. Watch a movie. I’m learning toward The Shack or I Can Only Imagine.

3. Walk the dog.

4. Wash the car.

5. Bake. How does blueberry cobbler with cinammon streusel topping sound?

6. Scrub the tub.

7. Binge watch Magnum, P.I. or maybe Downton Abbey.

8. Program a VCR.

9. Watch paint peel.

10. Balance the federal budget.

Did I say ten? Okay, I fibbed. #11: I’d rather hike just about anywhere than watch the Super Bowl. Or maybe head over to Walmart. It’s a great day to get some shopping done. Most everyone else is home watching football.

How ’bout you?


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