Take a Bite Out of Midlife With These “I Love Lucy”-Inspired Recipes

When I was a kid, I rarely missed school due to illness. In fact, I think I can number on one hand the times I missed elementary school cuz I was sick. But on the rare occasions when I got to stay home, I could always count on one thing: Laying on my death bed (the living room couch) and watching I Love Lucy.

There’s nothing like laughing your head off to take the edge off being sick. And nobody did it better than Lucy and Ethel and Ricky and Fred. Remember Job Switching? aka: The bon-bon factory?

Well. Someone has finally come up with an idea sure to warm any midlifer’s heart. If you grew up watching Lucy and Ethel too, you can now stir up some of your favorite “crazy redhead” memories to tickle your taste buds with 10 Recipes Inspired by I Love Lucy.

Here are the recipes and the episodes that inspired them. How many of these do you remember?

  • Coconut Almond Candy and Cuban Chicken & Rice Skillet (inspired by the hilarious Job Switching episode)
  • Topsy-Turvy Sangria (Inspired by Lucy’s Italian Movie)
  • Grandma’s Dill Pickles (Lucy Hires an English Tutor)
  • Rich Hot Fudge Sauce (Ricky Has Labor Pains)
  • Burger Americana (The Diner)
  • Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (Visitor From Italy)
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl (Be a Pal)
  • Tuna Steak on Fettucine (Deep Sea Fishing)
  • Wholesome Whole Wheat (Pioneer Women).

To see all 10 recipes from Taste of Home, click here.

I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t include recipes inspired by two of my all-time favorite Lucy episodes: VitaMeataVegaMin and The Brown Derby with William Holden. Be right down, Fred!

Did your favorite ep get included?

What would you add?


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