My ‘Word’ for 2019? (sort of)

There’s this thing floating around social media lately. What’s your “word” for 2019? Realizing that there are a bazillion words in the English language, I’m kind of like, “a” word for this year? As in, “one”?

You’re kidding, right?

But nope. It’s a thing. It’s the practice of adopting one word for the year. One word to focus on and filter experiences.

I typically ignore this kind of stuff. Mostly because I typically ignore just about anything that “everyone’s doing.” I like to chart my own course. More on that in a minute. But first:

Snuggle Bunny doesn’t have a thing about adopting a word for the year. But he does have a thing about “Being in the loop.” Almost any loop. He keeps on top of news and current events like nobody’s business. He can name every member of the president’s cabinet. Tell you the latest Disaster du Juor in Congress as well as the major players. Provide the  real time play-by-play on when the bridge is going up and coming down (we live about a block from a draw bridge). What’s up with funding for the V.A. Who the Mariners just lost to and why. (Okay, let’s not go there.)

Anyway, whenever Snuggles is home he’s got TVs on in almost every room. All tuned to news stations. Ditto radios tuned to talk shows. This includes the bathroom. Additionally, Snugs has the police scanner on in the bedroom. News radio also trickles out of our truck’s speakers the minute he tickles the ignition.

Like I said, he likes “being in the loop.”

I don’t.

Well, not exactly. I just don’t do constant noise. Wall-to-wall news and 24/7 news cycles. Especially when I’m trying to um, concentrate? Focus. Think. Work.

My home office is in our bedroom. Computer. Desk. Printer. Phone. Along with a TV, radio, and the police scanner. Which sometimes results in a not-so-sweet: Will you please turn that down so I can think??!!

It’s one of those irritants that goes along with making life happen with another person who’s just as imperfect (and annoying) as you are.

So even though I don’t do the “one word” for the year thing per se, one word still leads the pack right now: Grace.

What is grace?

Glad you asked. Basically, “grace” is the grandest, greatest, most grandiloquent and powerfully poignant word in any language, English included.

Grace is unmerited, unearned favor. It’s the power to save. To change. To rescue us from any addiction. Every problem. Every habit. In fact, “grace” is a Person. Here’s the short video explanation:

My favorite definition of “grace” is “love that stoops.

I don’t have that kind of grace in me. (You probably don’t, either.) Not even close. Especially when the Loop King is driving me nuts. When all the little irritants of an imperfect person living in an imperfect world add up. Or someone just crashed my private Hershey’s stash.

But I’m the recipient of amazing grace. Every moment of every day. So I’m going to focus on sharing grace. More often. With Snuggles. In spite of that Loop King thing. Cuz I really need it. Like:

Indeed, “grace” isn’t a word for just one year. Or even several years. It transcends human history.





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