Oo, Shiney!

You wake up one day and your hair’s turning gray. You may have put on a few pounds. Gained a few more lines around the eyes or mouth. The spring in your step isn’t quite as springy as it used to be.

It’s not that you’re “old” (whatever that means). You’re just not young anymore.

Or are you?

Is young or old determined by the mirror? Miss Clairol? The bathroom scale?  Hollywood? Madison Avenue? The number of candles on your cake?

I know some 80-somethings who are a hoot and a half! They got it goin’ on. In spades. Their knees may be a bit creaky. Their hair grayer. Or gone! But they have vim and vigor and spirit to burn.

They walk into a room and light up the place. They’re as sharp as tacks, with a rapier wit and an effervescent sense of humor to match.

They don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep things in perspective. Choose their battles, knowing that some skirmishes aren’t worth the energy.

They’re a party waiting to happen. They’re… shiney.

On the other hand, I know some “millennials” who are as dull as a box of rocks. They’re married to their mobile device. Seem to have perennially misplaced that quaint little game we used to play called “conversation.” With a real, live person. In the same room.

They’ve got a couple decades-ish under their belt and they either Know It All, are experts on Absolutely Nothing Worthwhile, or they’re just plain exhausting, cramming more drama into one day than some of us see in a year.

So even though these dear hearts may be 30 or 40 or more years younger, they could double-duty as an overcooked cabbage. They may be “young” chronologically, but they think, act, and re-act act like leftovers from the Pleistocene Age.

What’s up with that?

Meanwhile, remember this from “Chairman of the Boards”? (You do remember ‘Ole Blue Eyes, right?)

What does it mean to be “young at heart?”





Box of rocks image credit: Flickr

Fireworks image credit: Flickr

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