De-Decorating Made Merry

There’s  no other way to say it: taking down the Christmas tree is a downer.

De-decorating signals the end of the holidays  And with it, all the razzle-dazzle, fun, excitement and anticipation of the season comes to a screeching halt.

This morning.

It’s kind of sad. A little wistful. A downer.

I hate taking down the Christmas tree. In fact, I usually leave the tree and decorations up until after New Year’s. Sometimes longer. I want to prolong the joy and magic of the season as long as possible. There was that one year when the Christmas decorations didn’t come down until July.  But whatever…

De-decorating underway…

Anyway, we took our Christmas tree down today. The reason I took it down today was because the Boy Scouts called yesterday. “Will your tree be ready for us to pick up and recycle? We’re doing pick-ups this weekend.” The scouts run a Christmas tree recycling program every year as a fund-raiser to send needy scouts to camp, etc.

What was I going to do, say no?

“Sure,” I chirped into the phone. “Can you pick it up Sunday?”

Hence today’s Great Tree Takedown.

Out for recycling.

Anticipating the annual downer, I hatched a plan. I decided to throw a “De-Decorating Party.” I’m handing out hot chocolate and the last of the candy canes. Ordering Chinese take-out. Cranking up some music. Lighting some candles. Getting a Lord of the Rings movie marathon ready.

Packed away for next year.

We’re laughing. Swapping stories. Sharing Great Christmas Memories. Fighting over the last egg roll. (Nobody’s perfect.) And having fun.

My other secret weapon for “Merry De-Decorating”? It looks like this:

The ‘mini-tree.’

This little table-topper is artificial. Had it for years. Won’t die or dry out. So I can keep it up as long as I want. How does July sound?


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