Anchors Aweigh! (Leaving on a Jet Plane, Part 3)

Ever see Idaho from the sky? Good thing someone had a window seat:

Idaho from ‘cruising altitude.’

So The Kid & Co. made it to Florida in one piece yesterday. He took the red eye out of rainy, soggy, gray Portland on Friday, landing in rainy, soggy, gray New York early Saturday morning. (For background, see prior posts: First Flight & The Mom Factor and Leaving On a Jet Plane…)

Taking off from JFK, above.

After a three-hour lay-over in The Big Apple, they hopped a connector flight to Fort Lauderdale.

Over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida.

They board Royal Caribbean cruise lines today to bounce around the Big Blue for a week. Or a year. (It just seems that way.)

I really, really hope their ship is bigger than this…

I know I should probably be all zippity-doo-dah, zippity-ay over an opportunity for my 19 year-old son to go on a Caribbean cruise. But I’m wondering about a few minor details. Like, did he remember the dramamine? Where are the nearest life preservers? Are there enough life boats? Are the rooms clean? What about towels? Food quality? Does this cruise include a bomber escort, backed up by F-35s and SEAL Team  6:

You know, the little stuff.  Call it A Mom Thing.

To be continued…




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