We Got This

“You oughtta start a blog,” Snuggle Bunny observed the other day.

Well, okay. It wasn’t exactly “the other day.” It was more like a couple years back, when I was approaching my 55th birthday.

“A blog about what?”

“About mid-life,” replied my husband of 35+ years, aka: Snuggle Bunny. “You could blog about what being a 50+ woman is like. It’s ups and down and all points in between.”


“Just think about it, babe. There are tons of blogs out there on every subject under the sun. I bet there aren’t a whole lot a genuine, from-the-heart approach to mid-life blogs focusing on the internals instead of the externals. You got this.”

I looked around. Doggone if Snuggles wasn’t right.

Cruising the blogosphere, I found quite a few “over 50” or “50+” blogs focusing on fashion. Yawn. Health/fitness/nutrition. Shoulder shrug. Make-up and cosmetics. People trying to sell me stuff. Eye roll. Or the silliest hashtag ever invented: #ootd. (Seriously? Who cares what you’re wearing today?)

If these are your cup of sunshine, fine. But that’s not what Zuzu’s Petals is about.

Zuzu’s Petals isn’t about the externals related to midlife. Skin. Hair. Work-out routines. The latest fashion trend. Lip liner. Or bo-tox treatment.

Nothing wrong with any of that. Zuzu’s Petals just takes a different approach to midlife. Here, the focus is on the internals. Values, priorities and perspectives that never grow old: Faith. Love. Peace. Joy. Feeling comfortable in your own skin as it and you grow older. Aging gracefully.

Zuzu’s Petals focuses on true life stories embracing midlife. Celebrating and enjoying this unique time in a woman’s life with the kind of effervescence emanated by George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. Like:

So there you go. Midlife. Effervescence. Authenticity. Not just surviving midlife and its attendant challenges, but thriving and blooming along the way.

It took a few years. But I finally decided to take the plunge and launch my own blog on the subject. That’s how Zuzu’s Petals came about. (Oh, and Snuggle Bunny? He’s a keeper. Think I’ll hang on to him awhile. 🙂 )

Finally, every adventure is better when it’s shared. So thanks for joining me on the journey. I’d say George and Zuzu were on to something. Like: We got this.

A Fellow Midlife Bloomer,

Kristine Lowder


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